What are the types of measures available?

There are a number of different land management measures that can be used as appropriate, to help reduce diffuse pollution. These can be grouped into a number of different categories:

  • Land use measures– e.g. converting vulnerable areas of land to uses with lower fertiliser/pesticide requirements
  • Soil management measures– e.g. to reduce compaction, maintain ditches and drainage; adopt minimal cultivation systems; retain stubble; plant cover crops
  • Farm infrastructure measures– e.g. fence off waterways from livestock; establish sediment traps; improve/cover slurry and manure storage; control waste water
  • Livestock management measures– e.g. avoid poaching; reduce stocking rates on wet fields; improve livestock housing; modify grazing regime; modify livestock feed
  • Fertiliser/nutrient management measures– e.g. use precision technology to minimise excess applications; analyse soils regularly; use clover in place of grass
  • Manure management– e.g. modify manure application; site heaps away from watercourses; improve effluent/manure storage
  • Crop protection measures– e.g. adopt recognised crop protection management plan